THE ITALIAN RESTAURANT IN NEW YORK has the freshest food in town!


About Us

Delicious, healthy, affordable and fresh food for you and your family. That's what's on our menu – and we are glad you've stopped by for a little taste.


We offer you and your family delectable fully cooked meals to eat at our cozy café or to take with you. You can also pick out a ready-to-cook dish or two. We can tailor a meal just for you, and of course, we also cater events large and small.

Chef Mrs Feri ngwa the (ownar) second A Voce restaurant takes over the room previously occupied by Café Gray. Reconfigured to allow window seating overlooking Columbus Circle, the former Rockwell-designed space now includes an elevated bar (where you can also dine) next to a windowed kitchen which no longer blocks the park view. In the starkness of the white dining room, nothing detracts from Robbins’s inventive Italian cuisine, except, perhaps, the striking wine refrigerators which form a wall backdrop and frame the corridors. Whipped ricotta accompanies focaccia to start. From the antipasti, pancetta is an artistic presentation of pork belly topped with crushed pistachios and sliced figs, graced with balsamic. A Robbins signature pasta, spaghetti alla chitarra, masterfully blends silky sea urchin, crab and leeks with a tantalizing hint of lemon. Seafood selections vary according to what is fresh at the market and demonstrate an elegance of preparation, such as the sea bass with citrus, artichokes and olives. And, as if to further prove that simplicity is what perfection is all about, the dessert granitas create a closing experience akin to eating pure snow. An extensive wine list features selections from the U.S., Italy and France.

Take a look at our menu, and come visit us. Bon appétit!




Our food is all made with natural, fresh ingredients that we source locally. Let us know if you have dietary restrictions - our friendly staff will help you find just the meal you want.



                                                                                                                          toasted bagel [plain or everything] $5                                                              
eggs en meurette $14
two eggs any style $12
eggs benedict $14
                                                                                                                                    pain perdu $15
eggs florentine $14
eggs norwegian $16
baked eggs $16
oatmeal & brown sugar $8 plain yogurt with granola and berries $10 fresh fruit bowl $11 landmarc egg sandwich $12
landmarc bloody mary $10/13 mimosa or bellini $12

omelette $13
additions + $2
  • spinach
  • tomato
  • red onion
  • sauteed mushrooms
additions + $3
  • ham
  • bacon
  • sausage
  • american cheese
  • gruyere
  • goat cheese
  • feta cheese
  • cheddar cheese
  • mozzarella
  • smoked mozzarella
sides $2
  • white toast
  • wheat toast
  • english muffin
sides $6
  • ham
  • bacon
  • sausage
  • hash browns

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420 East 54th Street New York City, NY 10022 420 East 54th Street New York City, NY 10022, New York City, NY 10022, 420 East 54th Street

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